Tuition and Fees
Information on the costs of graduate study at Rutgers for the current academic year may be found in the New Brunswick Graduate Student Tuition and Fees Schedule. Rutgers also offers a cost estimator. (Alert: If you use the cost estimator tool, please select "Mathematical Finance" from the menu options: this menu option is being updated to read "FSRM and Mathematical Finance")

There are no scholarships, grants, teaching/research assistantships, or funding available from the program for students in the  Financial Statistics and Risk Management program. Students are expected to fund entirely the course of study at Rutgers. Those who have a grant or fellowship from an outside or other source are welcome to apply it toward the tuition cost of the program. United States citizens or permanent residents may be eligible to apply for various forms of student aid.

Please note that international students on student visas are not allowed to work off-campus during their first two semesters of study.  Moreover, international students should not expect to work on campus, since there are few opportunities of this kind.

All students accepted into a full-time master's program are eligible to apply for on-campus housing but many students opt for off-campus housing. Further information about housing options can be obtained from the Housing Office.