Prerequisite Coursework

In addition to fulfilling other admissions requirements, successful applicants to the Financial Data Science and Risk Management (FSRM) master's program will have completed courses in single variable and multivariable calculus, linear algebra, advanced undergraduate statistical methods, and computer programming.

Courses offered at Rutgers University that would satisfy these requirements are listed below.

Single variable and multivariable calculus (Math 01:640:151-152 and 01:640:251)
Linear algebra (Math 01:640:250)
Level IV statistics (Statistics 01:960:401 or 01:960:484)
Basic computer programming (CS 01:198:111 or ECE 14:332:252)

Applicants can take equivalent courses offered by their local institution or online.

Admitted applicants will be given a test in each of multi-variable calculus and linear algebra on the first Saturday of their first Fall semester. Applicants who do not achieve satisfactory scores in a subject will be required to take a remedial course in that subject during the first semester and be re-tested. These remedial courses are tuition-free and are scheduled for Saturday mornings and last 4 to 5 weeks each.